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When you move to a new house, you should consider getting rid of some stuff to make room for new belongings. Plus, you get to live clutter-free, which can help you save time and money during the moving process. Here are things moving company Cheap Movers Houston ( suggests getting rid of before you move:


Although there’s no need to throw out clothing if you have good shopping habits, if you’re a shopaholic, you should browse your wardrobe and see what you can part with. Also, if you’ve lost weight recently, you can use this as an excuse to toss out some old clothes that no longer fit. However, we don’t suggest tossing out clothes, instead, donate to those in need.

Old Electronics

Since technology is always changing, you’re bound to have old gadgets and electronics scattered around your home. Using your move as motivation to go throughout your home and recycle old electronics that don’t work anymore, or you simply no longer need. However, as an alternative to recycling, you can always donate to someone in need or sell it to a friend.

Old Sheets

Towels and sheets can be heavy to move, so it’s best to donate them while moving to a new place. Plus, there’s nothing more fun than shopping for new towels and sheets once you’ve moved into your new home.

Old Documents

Every few weeks, you should browse your stash of documents to see which you can toss and which you should hold onto. Remember always to keep documents that may be needed for tax purposes in the new year. However, if you are noticing your “keep” pile getting taller and taller, we suggest buying a scanner and make a digital copy you can keep on your computer. With your old documents, you should make sure you properly dispose of them aka shredding them. The last thing you want is someone getting a hold of sensitive information, such as health records, birth certificates, social security numbers, etc.


Although you shouldn’t necessarily toss out all your food, we suggest giving all your perishables a toss. If you’re planning on moving soon, you should stock up on canned goods for the meantime, since they won’t go bad for years.

Beauty Products

Just like food, makeup, perfume, and other beauty products can go bad. Go through your beauty products and toss out any expired, old, or unused items.

Meaningless Memorabilia

Over time, people collect a lot of items that, at the time, are very meaningful. When you are moving, you should review these items and determine whether or not you still want to keep them. Some things that were once meaningful may not be anymore. These memorabilia includes things like birthday cards, old school projects, souvenirs, freebies and giveaways, gifts, etc.

Children’s Toys

Toys take up a lot of space. Any toys that your children have outgrown or never used should be donated to a charitable organization or friend. Don’t forget about larger items like athletic equipment, bikes, and kiddie pools, too.

Old Magazines

If you have any magazine subscriptions, you also likely have a few piles of old magazines lying around your home. Recycle any magazines that you have already read and all the out-of-date ones. You can also donate more recent magazines to libraries, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, children’s centers, or hair salons.